Photo of MeI am an associate professor of Business Communication & Digital Media at the department of Communication and Cognition, Tilburg University. My research and teaching focus on the social consequences of online communication, specifically on online dating, influencer persuasiveness, online impression management and formation, online cooperation, dehumanization, and social media and well-being. I am the coordinator of our specialization Business Communication and Digital Media, Associate Editor of Cyberpsychology.eu, and I am also the president of NeFCA, the Netherlands-Flanders Communication Association.

I live in Amsterdam, in De Baarsjes. Besides my work, I really like cooking, rock climbing (although I hardly get around doing it anymore), running, hiking, traveling, reading about (popular) science, and my family. If you are interested in some more personal aspects of my life, you can also find me on Instagram, Facebook, and X (although I hardly ever use the latter two). I may even end up sharing some recipes and photos here in the future, but don’t count on it.

Latest Posts

WeCare Grant Teamwork in Oncology

Research Grant: Teamwork in Oncology

We received a WeCare grant awarded “Teamwork in oncology: Improving the effectiveness of multidisciplinary team meetings”. The grant was awarded by Tilburg University and St. Elisabeth Hospital Tilburg. …

KIEM #safesex grant

Research Grant: #Safesex

We were awarded an NWO KIEM research grant for a project called ‘‘#safesex – De effectiviteit van social media influencers als ambassadeurs van gezond seksueel gedrag’ together with Soa Aids Nederland …