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Alexander Schouten

I am an associate professor of Business Communication & Digital Media at the department of Communication and Cognition, Tilburg University.. My research and teaching focus on the social consequences of online communication, specifically on online dating, influencer persuasiveness, online impression management and formation, online cooperation, dehumanization, and social media and well-being. Within these areas, I am specifically interested in how different media capabilities affect the way in which people and organizations can effectively use new media technologies to communicate, to market, to work together, and to present themselves.

Besides teaching & research, I developed and initiated the New Media Design track within the Communication and Information Sciences department. I am currently the coordinator of our Business Communication & Digital Media track. I have practical and management experience at interface of technology, organization, and communication. My research skills include: network analysis, multivariate & multilevel analysis, and structural equation modeling. I know my way around Google Analytics, SEO, Python, SQL, PHP, and basic web development (HTML, CSS, Javascript).

I am the president of NeFCA, the Dutch & Flemish Communication Association. I serve as an associate editor for Cyberpsychology, Journal of Psychosocial Research on Cyberspace (2022 IF 2.9). Consider submitting to the journal 😊. In the recent past, I also acted as chair of the Interpersonal Communication and Social Interaction section of ECREA, the European Communication Research and Education Association.

You can download my full CV here. You can download a short resume (in Dutch) here. You can also find me on LinkedIn.

If you want to know more about what I do, there are several videos and interviews of me online. You can watch two hours of me talking about online dating on Masterflirt (also on Spotify, in Dutch), or you can watch me for 10 minutes for Diggit’s Babylon’s Burning (in English). Since COVID-19, you can find playlists of the lectures of several of my courses, including: Business, Technology, & Innovation, Social Media at Work, and Communication Theory (in Dutch). You can even watch me move a washing machine 😊.