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Alexander Schouten

I am an assistant professor of Business Communication & Digital Media at the department of Communication and Cognition, Tilburg University. My research and teaching interests include social media use, online collaboration, and online impression management. Within these areas, I am specifically interested in how different media capabilities affect the way in which people and organizations can effectively use new media technologies to communicate, to market, to work together, and to present themselves. Specific topics of study include the social psychology of online communication technology, social and digital media, identity management, social influencers, online dating, IT & organizations, virtual & augmented reality, qualitative and quantitative research methodology.

I live in Amsterdam, in De Baarsjes. Besides my work, I really like cooking, rock climbing (although I hardly get around doing it anymore), running, hiking, traveling, reading about (popular) science, and my family. If you are interested in some more personal aspects of my life, you can also find me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter (although I hardly ever use the latter two). I may even end up sharing some recipes and photos here in the future, but don’t count on it.

Latest Posts

Study: Creativity in online dating

Study: Creativity in online dating

Paper in Media Psychology titled: "Creativity, expectancy violations, and impression formation: effects of novelty and appropriateness in online dating profile texts." Creativity is not universally valued when it comes to online dating. Too original profile texts, especially those that are a bit inappropriate violate expectations of what is deemed normal in online dating profiles, which makes people less attractive. ...
Book Launch: 'Influencing for the better'

Book Launch: ‘Influencing for the better’

On July 13, we launched our book 'Influencing for the better: Influencers als gezondsheidsambassadeurs' [Influencers as health ambassadors]. The book was written for SWOCC, the association for scientific research in commercial communication. In the book, we present our research on using social influencers for health communication. ...
New project: Children's online privacy

New project: Children’s online privacy

We received a small grant from our faculty for the project "Children’s privacy when parents post online: How to stimulate responsible sharenting among family influencers?" In this project, we aim to study the reasons for why influencer parents post pictures of their children online and we aim to develop policy measures to stimulate responsible sharenting behavior ...
Study: Originality in dating profile texts

Study: Originality in dating profile texts

New Paper in PLOS One. We find that owners of dating profile texts that are seen as original are seen as more intelligent and as having a better sense of humor. Moreover, by combining survey research with a content analysis of profile texts, we were able to identify what makes a dating site text original. ...
New Paper: Influencer advertising on Instagram

New Paper: Influencer advertising on Instagram

Our paper on the role of product-endorser fit and influencer popularity has been published in the International Journal of Advertising. ...
AV! - telepresence robot

New Paper – Robomorphism: Examining the Effects of Telepresence Robots on Between-Student Cooperation

Our paper on how telepresence robots affect between-student cooperation has been accepted for publication in Computers in Human Behavior. ...